Adon and Lilith


Another View of Genesis

In the beginning the universe was void and without form. Two beings existed, knowing only each other and the divine space where they were. YHVH and Nahash lived in bliss, in the darkness making love through the eons. One day Nahash gave birth to the world and saw that it was good. Upon her progeny existed all the fish that swam in the sea, all the birds that flew in the sky, all the animals that walked its land, and all the spirits birthed of fire.

YHVH seeing what Nahash had begot wished to improve upon her child, not understanding it was also his. YHVH set to work carving and molding a new thing for the earth. Out of ebony, oak, willow, yew, crystal, iron, jade, copper, amethyst, antler, horn, ivy, and gold, he created thirteen pairs of figures in likeness of himself and Nahash.

They were beautiful, but they did not live. So from the tree of knowledge he took two branches and set out to make the most beautiful pair of figures yet. These he made in the exact image of himself and of Nahash. And they were beautiful yet they did not live. YHVH seeing their beauty but unable to create life himself bound the two of the spirits of fire to these figures, animating the wood with the breath of life.

He then placed the man and the woman in a garden and named them Adon and Lilith. These two beings were self aware but without free will, and Nahash saw that it was wrong. On the tree from which man and women were made Nahash caused a fruit to grow and fed it to Lilith. Lilith’s eyes were opened to music, and art, and sex, and violence, and love and joy, and drink, and pain, and all of the things that make life, life. Lilith saw that it was good and fed the fruit to Adon. Seeing each other Adon and Lilith became one flesh.

YHVH came upon the two while walking in the cool of the day. Upon seeing them as one YHVH became enraged and demanded “who has taught you to do this thing”? To which the man replied, “The woman taught this to me”. Turning to the woman YHVH demanded “What have you done?” the woman replied, “I have tasted the sweet elixir of life, I know right from wrong, music and art flow through me, pain and pleasure enriches my life. I will be mother and I feel no shame.

In his anger YHVH cast Lilith to the end of the earth where his forgotten figures stood. Lilith lay upon the earth and birthed the 13 spirits, conceived of her pure coupling with Adon, before the fear took his heart. The spirits each split into two making man and woman one spirit with two bodies. These spirits entered the figures through the nose as the breath of life, thirteen women, and thirteen men, followers of Nahash and forgotten of YHVH.

YHVH back in the garden fashioned Adon a new wife from mud, and bound a new spirit to it. This was not of the spirit of Adon, but a passing spirit whole and of itself. This he named Ebed. YHVH said unto them “I tell you that it is good that woman should serve man, and man should serve only me.” In this HYVH became bitter and called Nahash evil and devil. YHVH taught his chosen to hate her and her thirteen tribes. YHVH taught Adon “I will call all of your descendants the peoples of the book. And as I rule you, so shall you rule woman.” and it has been so with the chosen of YHVH since the dawn of time.

Nahash seeing the darkness growing in her husband left their home to join her tribes of 13. She taught them math, music, poetry, pottery, horticulture and wine making.

YHVH taught Adon to herd.

Nahash danced and frolicked, drank and made merry with the free people. She took lovers and birthed a generation of Nephilum.

YHVH took no lovers and ruled his people with fear, casting them into slavery and teaching them to hate all who were not of their tribe.

Nahash awaits the day YHVH releases his anger and they can be one, again.

YHVH works to the day he can eradicate all the free peoples of earth.


About cocrocch

I am traveling this life reconciling the spiritual, mythical, and religious within myself, how that affects the world and how these things from the world affect me.
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3 Responses to Adon and Lilith

  1. Woah! That is all I can say. I’d love to know more about where this story came from. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it.

    • cocrocch says:

      thanks for your interest.I used to tell my friends when we had been drinking that I thaught the bible ment lucy and not lucafer and that this was gods wife. then I would riff in a more humorous way than I did here. For this piece I borrowed from different texts and stories and put my spin on why a deity would not want anyone to know his other half and be so controling of his people. for fun I used hebrew for the names of the charactors.

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